Anyone out there from Tennessee? Need Friends!
Am a Christian, pro-life, love God, Guns and Country.
Am a 72-year-old born-again Widow Tomboy.
Will be first in line to join Trump's NEW 'Patriot's Party!'
Have large veggy garden summers, and will share with the poor. Also have land to rent to other veggy gardeners (approx 1/4 acre with shed). Yes, you can have Chickens and Rabbits! You pay water and electric.
Come join our First Baptist Church in Decherd, TN and learn how to share the Gospel in these dark days.
Anyone need a job? Can only afford $10/hr, but need people willing to do carpentry, gardening, fencing, crawl under house, dig holes, etc.
Message me if interested. God Bless. ~Annie Gaddis