Oh my. It’s almost like racism isn’t some bygone relic from the pre-current year. It-It’s almost like it’s completely normal in damn near every other part of the world. Like weather or not that’s okay isn’t even a fleeting thought outside the prismatic oasis of overvalued campus grounds.

Yeah, China is CRAZY racist. Most people and places are, not that you’d ever hear about it if you got your news from watching TV.

China doesn’t even like looking at black people unless their at a basketball game for some reason. I honestly couldn’t tell you why that’s a thing there.

But knowing this, why would anyone in Africa want to go to China? Which has, by the way been colonizing and enslaving the continent for the past couple of years. Oh, but I’m sure it’s the European colonist’s fault somehow. Not that I’d ever go to war over the issue, but scapegoating Nigerians is just one of a handbook’s worth of diversions to mask the fact that China fucked up big time.

You’d think China’s treatment of wildlife, as well as ethnic and religious minorities would draw a little more flack from the news, but then you remember where so much of the money comes from.

Also, why are the Nigerians living in Africa simply referred to by Business Insider as Nigerians and not “African-Chinese”? They are residents, are they not? And why would Nigerian ambassadors have a say in how China treats its citizens? How odd. Always amusing to watching the social justice crowd bark up the wrong tree, makes you wonder who’s paying them.

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