Doctor Makes a Mockery of the Probation System & Loses His License to Practice

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The problem with professional misconduct is that the punishment for wrongful conduct is handed down by members of the same profession. 

In the Matter of Muneer Imam v. New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct et al., 2020 NY Slip Op 08138, 529258, Appellate Division (12/31/20) the Appellate Division was asked to review a determination of the Administrative Review Board for Professional Medical Conduct (ARB) that revoked Muneer Imam’s license to practice medicine in New York. 


The doctor was disingenuous by claiming he did not understand the terms of his probation which he violated with impunity by not obtaining the excess insurance required and by dealing with patients without being monitored by a licensed physician, board certified in an appropriate specialty. To me, the only question is why the board suggested more probation and what took the ARB so long to revoke Dr. Iman’s license after he made clear he had no intention of complying with the terms of the license.