Video game currency is Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells translatable into real money across the globe, and the economy crashes as people begin paying debts off with Mario coins. To prevent total government destruction, video games have been declared prohibited indefinitely.

, the debt also takes over and your work your days and nights in animal crossing just trying to live and not die of the meager food rations and attempting not to get caught because you steal power simply to get a chance in a poor, useless, and overall miserable life.

Your in prison for another 60 years... 40 if you've got good behavior.

. Governments decide to cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items base it from rare earth minerals.

Costs are at present confusing.Rare earth minerals are situated in remote regions and conflicts arise. WWIII in inevitable and purely over resources. First warfare in Antarctica is fought. The snow is stained red. The first low orbit space fight also ensues. By 2025 there's a net stalemate and all populations are suffering with no end or resolution in sight.

,but when some of the money that you get is from cheating,hacking, modding, or exploiting the game, you loose it and instead goes to the individual you dispise the most in life.