Well 21 was made and restricted. They would need to Madden 21 coins restart with 22, I know what you're saying but I wasn't anticipating an entirely different game. This is an improvement. . 22 is gonna be their evaluation because today they don't have a justification with an even more effective system. I know on COD Cold War - next gen and current gen may play with together. This doesnt seem to be the situation for Madden, is this supported? I know Destiny 2 you will not be able to play cross-gen until December so hopefully for Madden it'll be available by release. It simply seems like they added the exact same new motion they advertised for current gen Madden but used different words. Their marketing has ever been slick with telling us they basically added nothing. If this really is actually the best of the improvements, we are clearly just getting more of the same bs.

I will believe it when I see it. Franchise mode has been basically the exact same thing because Madden 25. They've removed lots of news reports, the old scouting system, relocation teams. Yea but theres never really been a huge outcry until now. I think that the outcry happening now is due to the fact that Next Gen is right around the corner. This new technology can totally alter how madden franchise works and we are not gonna let EA continue the cycle of incorporating minimal shit on following gen. Just my thoughts tho. Can it amount to anything? Time will tell.

MrHurriicane put it best. This isn't a triumph, it is only a first down. The community must keep pushing back. When among the biggest franchise guys considers skipping your match to get what would be the second time in 3 years (at least for primary content) you know you fucked up. Correct. We now know that they are at least paying attention, but it would be smart to keep the strain. Should they make a couple changes the response shouldn't be to rush out and get the game, it should be"thanks but still insufficient". Pretty much. Honestly what they added was a joke. Anything they add now will likely look just like great. But I am still doubtful. Its July already and the game comes out in August, I believe that they're also working from home? So I am not even certain what they can add to make franchise great again. And I am not buying it together holding some big"Franchise Patch" guarantee if it is not at start.

They're working from home at least till January 2021. Source: understand people who work at the madden office. Perhaps? I guarantee it's empty phrases and bullshit. We're less than 7 weeks away from the games release right? I loved the message but I cant find anything substantial being crammed in with this amount of time... They said this past year and the game is pretty much done. What would they do last minute at this time? An easy win for them would be to roll something out like 3v3 online franchise mode. They have already demonstrated their technical capabilities to achieve this with Squads. Guess what though, they won't or refuse to because 96 people playing a 3v3 connected franchise nets them $0 extra dollars. They need us playing UT; deliver your friends along with your wallets.

Haha, it is a lot of fun but having to do UT to perform squads sucks. I am planning on not purchasing the sport this year and boycotting till they put some effort into other manners. They have lost a super fan who is possessed both matches every year going back into the sega genesis days. Dont buy in to this damage control statement, keep the media on, remember they didnt bother to deal with a lot of shit throughout the dev of 21, a couple of weeks of incorporating shit aint gonna change anything. Keep cancelling pre- orders, keep the boycott going, if we abandon this movement from just a buy Madden nfl 21 coins scripted response then all of this is for naught.