Theory: Madden simply Sonic the Hedgehog'd us. Put out an intentionally awful memo about what's new in business mode so they could return out in a month, say they haven't had sufficient time to Madden 21 coins produce major improvements so these are the small ones that they made, and watch the neighborhood provide them praise for performing the very least. I'd be willing to wager that whatever they add was in the works for a while now, and they are gonna find favorable media for it today even though it won't be a lot. In case it provides us a good Franchise mode. I don't care what strategy they did lol. But will their strategies give us a good franchise mode? Probably not.

My concept is a dev composed that part together with the intent to make it sound as shitty as you possibly can shine a light on how bad the situation has gotten. Yep. This is actually the EA playbook. It is why battlefield V is trash this year. A manner they can alter everything back and say they"corrected" things and then Battlefield 6 is going to be a way better match. EA does this all the time. This is awesome they responded, be positive, but don't get your hopes up too much. But I am praying they deliver something good this year. It's only lip service and damage control. We've heard the same thing for many years about franchise mode. It's just a corporate cover your bum PR message to try and find the heat off them. The sport is only weeks from release... It's realistically impossible that they would have the time and resources to develop something new for franchise in that time.

At best this could mean that they will attempt to take since things on in a spot sometime by the winter, or more likely, they are just hoping it's blown over and abandoned and they won't actually do anything. The game comes out a month. Like let's be real here, most of us know how shitty a project this group does. They can't even get basic stuff like stats right. Are we really gonna be optimistic they will put in considerable enough work in a month for mending something they have actively dismissed for like 10 decades? Every patch that they do breaks multiple things. This patch for Madden 21 franchise surely already broke many things and now they are only gonna try to resolve people in a day 1 spot. At minimum we deserve more thickness than PSP Maddens. At minimum.

We could design plays & employ OCs and DCs on psp ten years ago. Wtf happened eh? Even the GBA Maddens had Madden Cards and Mini Camp. I don't purchase anything before I see It in the match, but something was said. Hopefully it's true. Recall when community files was broken and they said a word for months? "We know how important franchise would be to our neighborhood" yet you did absolutely nothing to improve this year. It's just lip service exactly like the NFL telling us that they renewed their permits arrangement with EA because they enjoyed their plan going forward. Scripted response. Typical bullshit talking points. 1 thing that is good together stating something is if nothing happens their asses are going to get flamed by the community if nothing really happens. Doubt it. They will throw the neighborhood a bone and it will be buy mut coins madden 21 same shit different roster. If they say it themselves they'll repair it then they probably will. EA may not be the best at taking fan criticism or hints but when they come under heavy fire they fold and just give in. Biggest example would be BF2.