Press Release 1#

Everyone is distracted. Now is the time to get back into academia. I’m going to really try and improve my life and push it the extra mile. I have started working out and I’ve been regaining my strength. My medical issues had gotten in the way, the NHS has huge problems. I got setback for a little bit, but I’ve bounced back.  

I need to focus my will here. I really do. I got all the pieces ready, I just need to get them set. 2020 has been my best year to date. Honestly. I shouldn’t put it to waste. So I still need to work hard and carry on. I’m seeing results and that makes me happy. This hasn’t been easy. It was easier said than done.

Studies are going to be the focus. I will start the New Year enrolling into an investing academy. I can do it at my own pace. I’m going to try and stay where I am currently located to fully prepare me.  This idea will be the bedrock to the structure I’m building for myself. I need to go to the gym daily, for at least one hour. And I need to take cooking lessons at a college. While running my business, I will be putting myself through my own education. I will include video editing into the learning program I am building. Oh! Don’t forget chess. I’m craving structure in my life.

Everyone is focused either on the USA election or Coronavirus. I got my ears and eyes on the election.  I can’t be in the war like I used to be. I was a key operative in spreading information. I leaked banned information onto twitter. The world is a ripple effect. You just have to have the guts to be yourself. I’m watching the election in and out. I have a lot going on, and I took one of the online general’s advices. Rest smart. But be ready. I will be one of the first to know Trump won.

I think I will write. I forget how much I miss it. I need to practise editing.  

With the business, I’m now a shareholder in 3 different companies.  I have them in two different pies.  I have also some money left to manually trade with. I’ve broken down the sums into 4 soon to be 5 piles. When I am further along in the business I will publish my blue print. I will also be doing lessons after I’m happy with all my results. Money Management is a Trade. Much like a carpenter or builder.

My bunker is looking dope. I need to keep it clean and hang some pictures on the wall. I want put up a white board somewhere. I want it to be right up behind my screens.  I’ll start looking at increasing and upgrading my living standard.

It’s all fine and dandy talking and writing about it. It’s time to step up! I’m going to start with learning Microsoft Excel. Monday I will take my laptop into the living room, setup my desk and crack on the education.

I’m slowly doing everything that I need to do. I know it’s baby steps, but it’s hard to remind myself that that is the case. I didn’t even mention the social media ecosystem that I’m building for myself. I will bring up next release. I uploaded a vlog again, for the first time in a long time. I will leave the link here for you;

I’ll wrap it up here. Thank you for reading! More to come!!