Buddywe both know they just mt nba 2k21 do it for no other motive than the additional 10 bucks. Yes, games are larger now, but is gambling and the consumerbase generally, evening it out.

I seriously'm awaiting what is the point where the individuals, purchasing these games every year, state quit. But seeing all these things and even stuff like EA releasing literal FIFA... I think 19 as FIFA 20 about the Switch... it'll take a good deal.

Why do some players pull up with nobody close to them and miss. Just throw it down

Yeah anybody who states"but matches are more expensive today!" No console has sold more than the PS2, but the best-selling game on PS2 was San Andreas, which offered roughly 17 million copies. As a point of comparison, RDR2 sold about that many in its first 3 times.

Remember when EA and Ubisoft were adding the Online Pass for $5 due to used sales? Backfired and EA removed it from their games that still had host operation.

I'm already avoiding AAA names because of the sheer number of MSTs and other BS. Growing cost at retail once I refuse to buy nba 2k21 mt preorder an untested product which could possibly be dead within the year and require a major overhaul to center systems isn't likely to do the job. I will wait for a sale everytime, THPS1+2 being an exception.

Indie games will take over the market, they're just far more cost effective and aren't afraid of taking risks.