Oh wow, you started as iron directly off the bat! I'm glad you are enjoying the game. Playing ironman makes you float a good deal more than the OSRS gold non-ironman. I'm glad you are having fun! It's a massive world in Gelienor and you've got much to explore. Good luck!

If You Would like another mmo with one hell of a background that may be described as wow with mtx plus a runescape motif, go with rs3, the Truth is that they both have their areas and audiences who love them, however osrs is definitely the winner between the two to many people, thus why it conveys everywhere between 2-5x more players online at any given moment

Honestly if you've never tried either, try them both, aside from the world and the lore and the set of skills to train they have basically evolved into two completely different games, osrs in my opinion is just way far less generic and ridiculously over the top, and it is exactly what most older players really know, and what they fell in love with to begin with.

Do not get me wrong, there is far more to being a fantastic RS participant than having a sizable cashpile, and Buy Runescape gold a great deal of what actually counts can't be bought with gp, but having a sizable cashpile since you spent like $100 on MTX will definitely give you an advantage over players who do not purchase MTX, regardless of which variant of the game we are referring to.