it strangely sounds as though Lionel has it correct. We've been flushed down the toilet by those who align with the Empire/Oligarchy that has trying to destroy the US for 244 years and Lionel thinks they've finally succeeded because no judge or series of judges are going to risk life and limb for the justice due their country. Extreme cynicism, maybe right, maybe not... but the extreme left is just a mirror of the Hegelian future due to the US for letting the sluts of the Oligarchy into its government and selling out the country for the Empire.

Remember, the Empire has no morals the way ordinary people view morals... all it wants is power and the return of its agricultural feudal idyll.... with all of us as its serfs. You let them steal it, you let them eliminate the USA as the best dream of mankind as an alternative to the regency Hegelian governance of Europe.

You allowed this and there is almost nothing you can do to prevent the complete loss of the US as THAT woman will arrange for Joe to be shipped off and she would sell her mother to human traffickers if it helped her.

Congratulations, say bye to the USA unless there is a highly nonpredicted miracle, folks. trump tried, but we did not prevent the crooks from taking over... in fact, it is not so much taking over as becoming predominant as they were always there - we just didn't want to recognise it.

Read Lionel... then have a drink.. I am.