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I cannot wrap my head around the fact that these dipshit supposed geniuses in Silicon Valley are stuck using book-burning tactics in a digital age. Have these people even heard of the Streisand Effect? Do they have any idea how much more appealing and sought after they make a story by making it taboo? Idiots.

And what’s even more moronic on the part of that wannabe shaman, Jack Dorsey, was his tweet regarding twitter’s continued mission to supply “context” to posts. Which is just a dodgy way of saying that his minions and algorithms will work to discredit information they find “problematic”. Seemingly unaware that providing this blatantly agenda-driven “context” is, in fact, editorializing. The single most pivotal thing that Twitter is not allowed to fucking do with respect to the site’s long since forfeited Section 230 protection – not that I expect too many lawmakers to run like a raped ape to repeal that protection. Cruz seems to have it out for them, to his credit. But I’ll save the majority of my praise for when that punishment actually manifests.

So why did Twitter scramble it’s scrawny ass backwards and slam on the reverse thrusters on this Hunter Biden issue? Could it be that the volume of the public curiosity shook the will and capability to put a lid on it loose? Could it be that when a bunch of accounts get suspended or deleted, people assume shenanigans? Could it be that twitter’s administrators are universally hated by the entirety of the site’s user base, including the tumblr refugees and tik tok tots that indulge in made-up gendered language? Could be.

It may come as a shock to you all, but I’m actually on Twitter and I’ll tell you this; there are indeed a fair number dissidents that live to ruffle the feathers of twitter’s bulging left wing: The Infamous, Panther Den, Stonetoss, Styx. All allowed on the site and very popular. It’s almost like the ensuing conflict resulting from their presence is the point, not just a byproduct. But I’ve always felt it best to maintain a presence on sites like this – I even still have my YouTube channel, even though I don’t really upload there anymore like I used to. Why give ground? I’d rather hold it and work to take it back. It’s a small gesture, but it’s substantial if enough people do it.

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