In case y'all are still of that cupidity level that thinks there is actually a vaccine coming and not merely an injection with stuff in it to likely make you biodegraded and maybe even deceased... take a read through this article regarding the contents of vaccines currently on the market and with which you and your relatives might have been subject, eh?

No, my reading does not tell me of anything you can do as much of the bio-contaminants often have receptor sites to which they bind in your body/brain.  For example, in research the author saw years ago, gold particles were shown to bind irreversibly to receptor sites in the hypothalamus, thereby potentially disabling the innate feedback mechanisms that enable various naturally regulating mechanisms regarding hunger, sex, sugar metabolism, heat balancing, etc.  At the time this was cited as the reason gold fillings were curtailed as a normal dental practice decades ago.  It is the nanoparticle size and chemical binding on certain substrates that facilitates the movement through the blood-brain barrier that is supposed to inhibit the movement of such contaminants into the brain.