First and foremost in understanding our political organizations we must first look at the history of how they came to be and the basis of the ideals of this two party system we have today, the best way to understand this is to read the anti Federalist Papers and the Federalist Papers so one could understand how each party has changed.

The Democratic party started in the southern States and had the Articles of Confederation to base the ideas of a limited Government and the rule of the majority of the people on, what is why we are a Representative Democracy and how our Founding Documents still include the Articles of Confederation today, but with this the Democratic party has had a fundamental change over the years wanting a more centralized government using the welfare clause of our Constitution as a way to implement these ideals against the will of the people. 

Now given the definition of a Democracy, what is mob rule, the Founding fathers wanted a way to keep a limited Government despite the representative Democracy ideals our union of states is based on, so a Constitution was drafted with laws that protect the people from mob rule where 51% of the people could not take away the rights of the remaining 49%.

So with the ratification of our Constitution the representative democracy became a Constitutional Republic with laws and unalienable rights that govern the Government from becoming a large centralized government that could remove the rights of the people and but the responsibility of enforcing these Laws in the hands of the people by means of the Militia of the Several States, having just won a war with only three percent of the colonist against a large long standing world power that this was the best way to insure the right of the people to stand in light of being a Representative Democracy.

And this is why it is important to know that the union of States is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, as the Political ideology of a large centralized government lies in the use of the word Democracy across both party lines and despite a employee saying and running for public office under the political party of Republican, he/she is no more then a Democrat by being an advocate and a supporter of a Democracy what is mob rule and not Constitutional rule of law.