Earlier I posted an article focusing on the likely use of psychoneurotic trait characterisations as weapons in order to derail, deflect, and deride normal behaviours that conflict with the Tavistock Institute organised part of the Empire/Oligarchy/Globaloney criminal cabal drive to destroy the US and re-establish themselves as the sole governance model. This use of sociopathic identification entails the weaponisation of evaluative methodologies in line with the politicisation of psychology and psychiatry consistent with the transmogrification of the APA from a semi-scientific organisation to a political one almost 50 years ago. In order to eliminate the messy involvement of the vox populi and thereby deny legitimacy of populism and representative democracy, it is necessary to weaponise the exclusion of the public from the political process. The problem the Empire/Oligarchy has with this is that it knows very well that "We the People" are far larger and more powerful than it could ever be, even with its paid assassins and armies. So, it has to demonise our involvement in the political process and negate the value of signing petitions, donating money, and voting in midterm elections, among other things. Well, it is starting. In decades gone by we have praised involvement with the political process as a laudatory activity, indicating a high degree of social conscience, social involvement, and community awareness; and such activity has been a source of pride and esteem for many. But, and here it comes, the puppets of those who would drive popular embracing of the political process out of the arena and deride it as negative are starting their campaign. What can we do except make fun of these puppets of the archaic Empire that deserves toppling more than attention? Not a lot as they will continue to try to flood the media with this crap as long as we demand our right to govern ourselves.... but if we stop demanding that and stop the activities that support that sentiment, we're toast. So, per the linked article, please continue now all those soon to be termed "narcissistic" activities and actively support whichever candidates you prefer. Remember, narcissism is actually reserved for disturbed and sad mental cases like the last US President, not this one. [Aside: if you haven't noticed, the Empire/Oligarchy prefers to align with mentally disturbed individuals as they are easier to manipulate and control due to personality affectations such as narcissism and other emotional disabilities.] https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/09/200925134722.htm