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Isn’t it funny whenever California accidently gets something right? Well, you know what they say about broken clocks.

If you don’t follow the online melodrama like I’m more inclined to, the payment processing service Patreon – a veritable panhandling site – decided at some point last year that it would be a good idea to not only oust creators for saying naughty words in the videos or other media they were producing, but saying and doing anything politically non-kosher that had literally nothing to do with their work. “Manifest Observable Behavior” I believe was the candy-coating they were going with for that. Fair to say at this point it did not quite work out as they planned.

Barring some ill-invested injection of dark-money from some sympathetic aristocrat, I don’t see how Patreon survives this amount of litigation. They already made the genius move of booting people from whom they took a cut of their donations, so now they’re like a bank going through a coordinated mass withdrawal. And you know what? Good. Fuck’em. Let its patrons past and present pick them clean like a murder of crows. Let them serve as an example alongside all the other casualties of the woke business practice fashion craze that’s proven time and again that alienating huge swaths of market in favor of people that have so little money in the first place that they want UBI, is a bad fucking idea.

And that’s all this has ever really been about: Money. You think if these companies put there ear to the ground and heard a bunch of honest-to-Oden goose-stepping Nazis marching up the street to create the next zeitgeist they would put models in black leather coats with riding crops or make the toothbrush mustache fashionable again? Of course they would! The people making the executive decisions in these companies aren’t trend setters, they’re the biggest trend-slaves of all. They get advised on what’s popular and “in-season” and go from there. If you think a multibillion dollar international corporation like Apple or Nike genuinely gives a quarter of a shit about hurt feelings or human dignity, you should give a little consideration to the sad state of their overseas “employees”.

But this is very good news. Not for Patreon, but that’s what makes it good news. With the decrepit king of the money-hill essentially out of the way there’s now a certain void that will need filling. If I were SubscribeStar, I’d be very exited and freeing up money for advertising right now. And if I were some hapless nobody middle-management type in Silicon Valley, I’d divorce my head from my ass, grab a couple of my best guys and make fucking haste to set up yet another payment processor to catch all the money that’s currently pouring from Patreon’s mangled piñata body.

If you still have an account on Patreon, whether you’re a creator or a donor, I’d very much suggest kissing it goodbye, because it’s gone weather you close it or not at this point. The money you’ve been giving or receiving from Patreon will be syphoned to pay for these arbitrations. That being said, if you have a case with them I’d also encourage you to do your part and help bleed them dry. Even if you don’t get anything, they’ll be losing something. And isn’t that its own reward?

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