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I can’t help but chuckle about Games Workshop’s insistence upon inclusion and diversity in a franchise that is literally a galaxy-spanning, multifactional race-war for mono-domination. I suppose they could have gone with the “we’re all humans in this Imperium” angle – even though people are just fucking awful to each other in the 42nd millennium – but why was this statement even necessary in the first place? Were BLM and their fourth-generation commie boy-toys in Antifa positioned to wage exterminatus on their offices? Did they have any kind of stake in lecturing their consumers like some fucking nanny-state sensitivity trainer? No, but neither did Gillette, and now look how much less money they have now.

Warhammer 40K is one of those wonderful franchises that is largely untouched from the taint of Chaos that is the Slaaneshi Justice Warriors and the “Greater Good”. Its fandom is among the most tolerable for its size, due in large part, I think, to the older, more seasoned chapter masters in their ranks who teach loyalty to the Emperor and source material above all.

Any time these cancel-cretans are welcomed into a group (or even if they aren’t) they then feel a programed compulsion to start kicking people out. In the name of inclusion, no less. Inclusion, oh please. Spare me that tired line. Nobody in these progressive cults is busting their ass to make the Warhammer crowd feel at home in their clique, so why should they or any other subdivision of people do so for them. The cringe-fringe acts like people forming their own groups is a huge problem but doesn’t seem to take issue with drawing up innumerable little compartments to put everybody into (see my intersectionality video for more on that little chestnut).

“Warhammer is for everyone.”

Do these idiots even know what they price their shit at? Do they know their game’s own entry fee for a good sized army? Do they know how few shops offer terrain tables to play on?

While the 40K Fandom is among the best, its limey staffers appear to be in the tilt toward the Ruinous Powers (or worse, the T’au). And even though we’ve seen other great science fiction series suffer in the clutches creatures most foul, I do have higher hopes for Warhammer. Warhammer is uniquely brutal, masculine, and has an overarching theme of “us vs them”. The “us” being humanity and the “them” being everyone and everything trying to vaporize, pulp, rape, eat, and coof on humanity. It’s also seen a sizable uptick in its popularity since the advent of the Trump God Emperor memes and the staggeringly well received Astartes fan animations – link below. The history of mankind has never been one of single minded assimilation, but it has been one of conflict. It is our natural state, in a way. And unless Games Workshop wants a war with their own fans over the soul of the 40K universe, I have just one piece of advise.

Cease. Your. HERESY!

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