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This guy gets it.

I’ve never been a football fan as long as I’ve lived, but the controversy that’s been swirling around the Redskins for the past X years is so retarded that the team should have just kept the name and changed the mascot to a redskin potato.

One would think the recent wave of fresh racial animus would simply involve black people and cops, but apparently everyone has an axe to grind – even if it is mostly brainwashed white people being proxy-offended. Last time checked, George Floyd (remember him?) was just a violent thief and aspiring rapper, not a Navajo chief or medicine man, though being a medicine man might help explain all the drugs he had in him. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the supposed controversy of the Redskins is entirely divorced from the fake pandemic of police brutality. But since when has an absent connection stopped anyone in the media?

I reiterate, you won’t find many, in any, Meso-American tribesman raising a stink about the team name – it is well documented that they largely don’t give a fuck and have a mile-long honey-do list of far more worrisome shit on their plate like rampant poverty, alcoholism, and predatory casino bosses. Not that you’d ever hear about any of that on television. Any that you do see and hear waging war on a mean name is more than likely just some shameless grifter looking for his fifteen minutes like that piece of shit Nathan Phillips. Very native name by the way. Was he actually a tribesman? Oh, who cares?

And what pussies the owners in the NFL are. Football is supposed to be a bastion of hyper commercialized athleticism and maddeningly overpaid high school drop-outs that kick, throw and catch balls for a living. But now everyone can see it for what it really is. A big, fat circle-jerk of nervous boomers wanting to look cool for the camera and the kids. I bet there’s more testosterone left in that J.N. kid from the last story than the entire NFL. Maybe he’ll share. In any case, I guess I can retire the hope of ever seeing them renamed the Washington Blackfaces.

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