Names Rev James Erick. I was born a free man. I grew up as lost as everyone else I knew.
I was saved at 16 and thought the world would be wonderful.
I was wrong.. But I was wrong because I took the wrong path. you see, I wanted what everyone else wanted because I wanted to be part of them. "The society." I felt the need to have and enjoy living as others did.

My life with Christ was down more than up yet Jesus always used me and He never left me. There's much more drama in my life than one could say so quickly.

I stayed lost in my roller coaster ride with Christ until I totally committed my life to Christ.
I studied the word of God and worked with America's homeless.

Today I'm retired and serve God with the gifts He's giving me. I'm currently serving my God with writing short bible lessons or messages that God inspires me to write.
My God and my wife are my life and we've both made Jesus our life
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