I dedicated many years to studying the world's religions in depth including many "cults," occult lodges etc. I am well versed in most traditions.
After years of research and many experiences I have returned home to Judaism. I am a Rabbi Yoreh Yoreh - Yadin Yadin and spiritual leader of Beit Emunah, an online, independent, traditional, Sephardic based Breslov shul. If you are looking for a spiritual community check us out. We are quite unique.
  • Rabbi alle Beit Emunah
  • Vive a Chattanooga, Tn
  • Dal Atlanta, GA
  • Ha studiato Rabbi Yoreh Yoreh - Yadin Yadin alle ישיבה עבור כל היהודים על פי חוקי משה
    Class of 5779 HH
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  • 01/01/1957
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